My 3 Highlights, 2 Quotes, 1 podcast & Readers Comment!

One thing I have noticed about all the people I admire the most is this:

  • They have an incredible attitude of gratitude that seems to spill over into everything that they do
  • They are hardworking
  • They are grateful for the job they have and the tasks at hand 
  • They are integrous
  • They are kind
  • They are outward
  • They are generous. 
  • And more often than not, they are usually wealthy. 

Gleaning from these people in my life, I want to make an intentional effort to incorporate more gratitude into my life. 

Every week I think of my three highlights that I am grateful for and talk about them with Greenie on our Sunday walk.

Here is mine from this week.

  • 1 – Seeing a Movie, Midweek, During the Day. 

I got a half-day on Thursday and saw Jojo Rabbit. This was, without doubt, the best movie I have seen in at least a year. It was tender, funny, yet incredibly confronting, and utterly entertaining. It was World War two through the eyes of a child. I have never seen humour used so powerfully. More than that, being able to get a half-day, and see a movie in the day in the middle of the week felt like such a novelty. Greenie and I felt 10 years younger and we walked out feeling so rejuvenated and refreshed. 

  • 2 – Sunday Walk at Southbank

I just love having the best friend for a husband. We absolutely cherish every moment together and this week as we walked and debriefed the week, I was just so overwhelmed with the privilege of doing life with someone whose life I am entwined in forever. To walk and talk with my best friend and Lover… this week I felt more grateful for that than ever. 

  • 3 – My Job

I really have the best job in the world. I work as a doctor at a Hospital in Brisbane in a specialty which boasts some of the smartest, kindest Doctors I have ever met. They are capable, tireless and endlessly Kind. And I get to learn from them. It is such an honour and a privilege and this week I am especially grateful. 

So That’s me. The three things I am grateful for this week.

Here are Two Standout Quotes

Taryn Rose on Courage:

“We are called to be courageous and to absolutely take risks, but it’s wasteful to be reckless.” 

David Ballestri on Excellence:

“Practically speaking excellence is about building on small daily incremental wins that come from implementing rituals and practices that are achievable.”

Here is a podcast I loved:

Oprah and Michelle Obama. Two of my heroes. Michelle is deeply intelligent and wise and Her best-selling Biography Becoming is raw and captivating. Have a listen to her interview and read her book. I LOVED it. 

Naomi on ‘Investing in Clothes – Is it Wise or Wasteful?’

It depends on the item for me. Somethings I will only buy designer because of how much I use them. Not Louis Vuitton yet but designer, nonetheless. This is usually handbags and shoes. They need to be sturdy. Sunglasses is another. Clothing, not so much. My designer clothes have been gifts and I rarely wear them because I’m frightened of damaging them 🙄

Thank you for Your thoughts, Naomi! I can definitely relate.

That’s it from me! 

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood.

Own Your Health – Changing the way You Think, Eat and Live. 

Wink: In regards to gratitude point two, Make no mistake friends, I adore my husband,  but we live in a one-bedroom apartment… I  make him do his Number twos in the toilet in the lobby. Night and Day. 

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