Get Off The Scales!

Changing The Way You Think

Beloved. Scales can be motivating for some, but an obsession for others. 

I know first hand that the numbers on the scale can have an unhealthy hold on you. 

Moreover, I am aware as a Doctor that weight is not the only indicator of health. BMI can be inaccurate, and losing weight is only a small part of the bigger picture of getting healthy.

If weighing yourself brings guilt, discouragement, obsessive thoughts or encourages a bad body image, throw away your scales and never weigh yourself again. Simple.

For those of you who are able to weigh yourself with freedom from those feelings, I saw a great picture from Sam Wood’s Website that I thought was fantastic that I thought I would share.

A screenshot of a cell phone

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Helpful? I thought so! 

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health: Changing the way you Think, Eat and Live

Wink: Completely obsessed with yoghurt covered cranberries. You get them from the Coles pick and choose section and lately, I have had some Every single day. So D E L I C I O U S. You Must Try.

P.S Have you read Does Eating Fat make you Fat.

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