Fun Things – A Podcast – A Recipe, A Quote & A Readers comment

This was a F A N T A S T I C podcast all about the power of the tongue.

Did you know that Joel Osteen is the lead pastor of Houston’s Lakewood Church which serves more than 50,000 attendees a week and his weekly televised sermons can be seen in more than 100 counties with an estimated viewership of seven million! He has been called ‘The Voice of Hope’. What Influence! It was incredible how he led a group of Oprah’s audience through a lesson on the power of the tongue and shifting mindsets. It shows how Godly principles apply everywhere. So Inspiring to see how God’s people are influencing and changing culture and nations. 

Rachel Hollis (another hero of mine) got to speak on Oprah’s Tour and gives insight on what she is like! Rachel, like me, is obsessed with Oprah and has been writing down in her journal for decades that she will be on her show. Recently her dream came true. And she talks about it on this podcast. Apparently Oprah is even warmer, and wiser and more inspiring in real life than she is on stage. Swoon! I can’t wait till I am on her show…

Anyway enough Podcasts….

  • 3 – Here is a recipe I am loving! 

  • 4 – A Quote

What Jesse Cheesman says about discipline:

“Discipline is looking ahead and making the right choice in any given moment based on your understanding of what the future holds.

  • 5 – Readers comments

Sam on one thing She is doing to ‘Own her Health’:

I have found that the best way to start my day has been to wake up early and go to the gym. While I’m there I listen to a podcast that is mentally and/or spiritually engaging”

Jill on one thing she is doing to ‘Own her Health’:

Drinking Kefir, kombucha and eating sauerkraut and sometimes sourdough bread. It has built up my immune system and also my bone density (taking my vitamin d with my kefir and benefiting with better absorption of calcium – for my bones)

Thank you, everyone, who is writing in and reading and inspiring me and everyone else on this journey to Own Our Health together and Change the way we Think, Eat and Live.

If you are enjoying my posts please don’t forget to write a comment and share the articles! I want to encourage and impact as many people as I can and need your help to do it! 

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health, Changing the Way You Think, Eat and Live. 

Wink: Greenie and I are hoping to relax with a movie this weekend. Who has seen Richard Jewel? Worth it? There is NOTHING worse than sitting through a 2-hour movie that is dreadful. Who has seen it? 

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