Own Your Health – An Interview With Adam Shepski

Adam Shepski, until recently, was the International Prayer Catalyst for Youth for Christ, and with the organisation for overa decade. He is sought after all over the world for leadership and support in all kinds of ministry, and simply, carries God’s heart in a profound way. Here is a man who I believe we will start to see at the forefront of revival and cultural change both in Canada, where he lives and all over the world.

On a personal level, however, Mark and I have not met another human who has the ability to change the atmosphere of a room as Adam does. He has a dynamic relationship with God that you can tangibly feel as it pours out of him with this contagious joy and love. 

There is no one like him and I can’t wait to share him with you. He also has the most incredible wife on the planet, who I am in love with. Mel has this depth of wisdom and consistency that I aspire to. Their three boys are also just amazing. Enjoy my beloveds. 

Adam, For those Who Don’t know you could you describe who you are and what you do?

“I am a husband of 15 years, a father of 3 amazing boys and a ministry director. Together with my wife, we pour into leaders who occupy the marketplace, non-profit and para-church worlds. On the side, I am a musician, a bit of an author and a video creator. In and through all these things, I continually and intentionally seek adventure and purpose.”

In the last few years, you have made some real changes to your life in how you exercise and what you eat. Could you talk about what these changes are and how they started?

Over the past three years, my work life changed and now primarily serves and supports leaders in the global non-profit and para-church world. Through this vocation change, I started to find myself giving more and more of my heart and mind space to others personal and vocational obstacles and challenges. My phone constantly rings and buzzes with texts, calls and emails from leaders who need support and often, personal counselling. The pace of life my work was demanding, had started threatening my mental health. I needed a hobby and exercise. Long-distance running was the answer to both. Over the past 2 years, I have run 2 half marathons and once ran 100km over 3 consecutive days. Running has become a passion. More than that – as my body started to adapt to running further and faster, my diet has followed suit. I eat WAY less sugar, drink WAY more water and have replaced most carbs with more proteins (mostly nuts and beans).”

What is the biggest difference these changes have made to your life?

“The changes I have experienced since adequately exercising have been profound. Firstly, I am WAY more productive. I work far more efficiently and my brain now has the chance to re-charge before intense strategy meetings or counselling leaders. Beyond that, I have more energy and sleep better. Although I am starting to sound like running leads to super-humanness, I have come to experience what many… many studies show. I have started to experience that regular exercise and better diets lead to lower stress, better resilience, higher productivity and even better memory. Running has given me the needed leverage to navigate the complex challenges and obstacles I am helping people work through.”

Being a dad to three boys, how do you think changing your lifestyle has affected them?

The primary way my exercise routine and diet have affected my wife and kids has been seen in what we eat. Being that I am running long distances every week my diet has followed to give me the correct nutrition to fuel my running passion. I have become more educated on what I eat and that has naturally moved to shift how our family eats. Together we eat more fruit, greens and nuts. Recently my wife started running and my boys take daily walks to help clear their heads before school.”

What practical ways have you found to be able to fit in exercise into homeschooling your children, working, and being heavily involved in ministry, business and writing? 

I aim to run in the morning so that my exercise routine does not impact our daily routine of homeschooling our children or work. I also make an effort to run and eat really well before travelling, or day-long meetings. I purposely get up earlier to run before I have to sit in strategy meetings for hours where sweets and coffee are a constant temptation.” 

Have you been able to find a balance between having a healthy discipline for yourself and being flexible in the way you live, eat and think?

Absolutely! I have a value for self-care and treating my self kindly. If I am out at an event really late I often allow myself to ease into the next morning before exercising OR replacing a long run with push-ups, burpy’s and planking. I am comfortable to work out for an hour or simply 10 minutes. My goal is not a trim body but primarily mental and spiritual dexterity!

For those who at the moment are not living a healthy lifestyle and don’t have exercise as part of their regular regime, what advice would you give them to get started?

For many years I worked with a brilliant counsellor. Whenever my friend worked with a new client experiencing burn-out his first question was, “do you exercise or walk outside daily?” My friend knew clearly that burn-out and depression can be readily combatted by exercise. Regular exercise is not just a weapon against the trials of life, regular exercise actually prepares you to accomplish your goals. Exercise can help build the character and resilience needed to persevere both life and goal accomplishment.”  

How do you think the changes you have made have impacted your spiritual life?

When I run, I feel God’s delight. I pray when I run and have even been seen running down the street, arms in the air saying the name of Jesus! Haha! Running has made space for me to digest my thoughts, my emotions and my prayers.” 

What is your relationship with your body like? What advice can you give us on truly loving our bodies today, right now? 

I’ll be honest, I am still about 10 lbs over my goal weight. I don’t have a six-pack and still average a 5:40 km (others run WAY faster than I). Although I lack the right words to express how I love my body, I can note it feels stronger. My vision of being 80 and still able to run a half-marathon has given me purpose in the pain of running now. I want my body to serve my future and grandkids well.”

What is your day on a plate?

For breakfast, I eat berries, nuts and kale. Lunches and dinners are a combination of beans, fruit, cheese, leaner meats and vegetables. I do also LOVE dark Chocolate and still make (in my opinion) intentional room “on my plate” for that!”

What is your quickest meal that you make that is a regular in the Shepski family?

“Taco Salad. Lots of veggies, some meat and corn chips.”

What does owning your health mean to you?

Again, I’ll be honest, I LOVE having FUN! Owning my health has helped me pursue adventure and fun as I have hiked across cities and nations to share the Gospel and run from town to town to push my body to its limit. Owning my health is being a good steward of my life, so I can best serve my family and God-given assignment.

Thank you so very much, Adam! What an inspiration!

You can find out more about Adam and his ministry here

You are deeply loved and richly cherished

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health – Changing the Way You Think, Eat and Live


My husband has the biggest man-crush on Adam. Like Massive… I’m serious. Like, fly to the other end of the world kinda beyond bromance crush serious. They have met in Australia, America and Canada just for cuddles.

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