Coronavirus – A Lesson To Learn

As our community panics and many buy enough toilet paper to supply a small village, I find myself asking what lessons we could learn from this. Many completely deplete all grocery stores of all dry and canned goods, to the point that elderly people can’t buy their groceries. 

We have the luxury of avoiding major regions inflicted with Coronavirus and in many cases, people who have it confirmed are quarantined to protect others. 

Yet still, Australians are feeling panicked, alarmed and in disarray. 

There is a genuine danger here, don’t get me wrong. Let us remember this feeling when we ourselves are exposed to danger. The vulnerability and abnormality of things.

When this is all over, I pray we remember this feeling. A feeling which I imagine is but a fraction of the fear, displacement and pain that families from war-ravaged countries experience constantly.

The Lesson? Empathy and Compassion

Let’s have empathy, and compassion for those who are seeking refuge from war, famine, and violence. 

Perhaps we can somehow be more proactive in how we protect the most vulnerable in our society and planet. Including those seeking asylum and refuge in our country. 

Just a thought… 

You are deeply loved and richly cherished. 

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health: Changing the Way You Think, Eat and Live. 


Greenie literally has nerves about Toilet paper. Even before Coronavirus his obsession with TP and exorbitant use of it used to drive me crazy! You can imagine his alarm as we got down to our last roll with no TP in sight to buy anywhere! I am finding watching his growing discomfort, mingled with his desire to be selfless and rational deeply amusing indeed. 

P.S. Have you read The stinking Parking Fine?

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