Highlights – In The Wake Of COVID-19

Isn’t it crazy times that we are currently in? It is unlike anything I have seen in my medical career. And unlike anything that I feel we will see again.

As a doctor, we often see and prepare for the worse cast scenario within the hospital, and it can be a fight to keep morale high. And it isn’t just me, each and every one of you have been subject to uncertainty, constant negative updates, and surrounded by a sense of panic and fear that seems to be gripping many within our community. I have been trying hard to intentionally focus on ways to keep up my spirit and morale and that of those around me. 

Here are my highlights for the week!

  • 1 – Here is a story of a friend that warmed my heart:

A Pastor named Lionel leads a church in NSW. As the coronavirus reports panicked his community, he urged his congregation to buy moderately with their supplies of essentials, including Toilet paper and other groceries. Then he and his church bought supplies together and donated it to the church. They then wrote a letter to the community and encouraged all the people in the community that should there be any elderly, or anyone struggling to get supplies to contact the church. The members of the congregation made sure anyone in need would get supplies. 

How incredible is that! In times where people are scrambling to look out for themselves and little old widows are unable to find Toilet paper and other supplies, He made sure his church was looking out for the venerable in the community and did what they could supply their needs. I found that to be such a lesson for me.

If I find myself feeling the need to self-preserve in any way, I remember the vulnerable and those in need of help and am sure to keep my heart and eyes outward. 

  • 2 – A video 

Michael Jr. Here is someone who has captured God’s heart on laughter and Joy. Micahel Jr, known all around the world for making people laugh reveals, the why behind what he does. Try not to cry as he captures the hearts of little children who have been abused sexually emotionally and physically (his personal story starts at 48 minutes, but the entire video is brilliant!), and how laughter allows him to reach into dark places and shine hope once again. It is truly just mesmerising. 

  • 3 – Chicken Noodle soup

Greenie and I have found ourselves surprisingly obsessed with Chicken, noodle soup, packed full of green vegetables. I literally boil water, add chicken stock cubes, chicken pieces, let it simmer then add a heap of green vegetables, then add some noodles at the very end. We add a bit of soy sauce and chopped chillies at the end and we have eaten it EVERY night this week. So good. Here is a recipe for what we are eating. (note I don’t use macadamia nut oil, I am NOT that fancy). 

  • 4 – A Book

Defining Moments: God encounters with ordinary people who changed the world. – Bill Johnson

Oh, this book is like a drink of cold water from a refreshing well. Not that I have ever drunk from a well, but I imagine that it would be intensely refreshing! Just like this book. Especially in times like this where it is easy to see with our physical eyes and harder to God’ heart and perspective. This book is a great reminder of who and why we were created, and what intimacy with the Father looks like. It is amazing. Get your Hands-on IT!

Beloved ones,

As social events come to a halt and we are encouraged to slow down and remain indoors, let us make the most of it. Remember the joys of the simple things. Curling up with a good book, playing board games, watching pre-loved old movies, preparing slowly simmered meals, and most of all enjoying one another. 

And remember: 

  • don’t give in to the fear, 
  • be sensible, 
  • stay informed, 
  • take sensible precautions,
  • pray non stop, 
  • and don’t forget:

The Best Is Yet To Be. 

You are deeply loved and richly cherished

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health: Changing the Way You Think, Eat, and Live. 


Okay, so crisis over… Greenie found TP. A foreword thinking friend kindly allowed us to buy some off him… Never thought we would have to score TP off a friend, but there you have it! Greenie can sleep well at night! I was looking forward to using my little cut up kitchen paper squares I had carefully prepared… Greenie definitely was not. 

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