3 Ways To Stay Sane In A Pandemic

Not an article I thought I would write in my lifetime. 

Listen to me. This is a weird, confusing, scary time that we are in. The media is broadcasting constantly, our jobs, routines, ways of life are completely disrupted, and what’s more, we are discouraged from connecting with one another. 

It is weird and eerie. A time which no one could have predicted. 

I have found myself reeling, as things that were a part of my lifestyle and routine have been stripped away. Almost everything in my life has completely changed. My morning routine had to completely shift as everything is shut. My job role as a doctor completely changed as  I have been reposted to the front line of this pandemic, working mostly nights and late shifts. Moreover dealing with the reality of the risk I am exposed to and that Greenie is exposed to can mess with my mind if I let it.  

For my Greenie he has taken the Academy online, and the church is running online. He is working mostly from home and learning how to lead virtually. 

All the things in our lives that were such a comfort to us and a norm have been turned upside down. And we are NOT the only ones. 

Many of you my beloveds have lost jobs, have had significantly decreased income, and are maybe struggling to find the balance between living in fear and practising common sense. 

It is a tough time.

We are in this together. And Greenie and I are learning as we go how to live in Peace, how to steward our minds, how to thrive, and what it looks like to ‘own our health’ amongst this chaos. 

Here are three things we have learned this week. 

  • 1 – Shut Out The Noise

Beloved. We are encouraged to disconnect, to socially isolate, and to stay home. One would think that we would have SO much quiet time and space. But I think it is the opposite. There is a temptation to be constantly on social media. Texting. Checking Instagram. On Facebook. Constantly watching the news and listening to the media. It is no wonder that we are anxious and panicking!

Listen to me. I am by no means telling you to shut off completely. I want you to be informed, but practice common sense! Have wisdom and measure in what you let in.

Check the update on a reliable website, like once or twice a day. 

Limit your social media. Turn your phone off at a reasonable hour each night! 

Use this time to find quiet and peace in your heart and life again. 

Greenie and I follow Scott Morrison’s updates every 48 hours. I check the QLD health website once a day.  This website is a good one if you in Queensland and this one if you are in Australia. 

We are limiting our social media and instead filling our house with Worship music. It changes the atmosphere in our house. We have this on (almost) repeat. 

Instead of scrolling Facebook and watching the news endlessly find an incredible book. I am reading John G Lake again. 

Play Connection games on the phone or with the people you live with! 

Steward your minds beloveds. Don’t fill your mind with endless noise. It is a recipe for anxiety and fear. 

  • 2 – Stay active

Don’t vegetate. Beloveds. Now is NOT the time to make yourself into a 24/7 couch potato. Try to aim for 30 mins of exercise every day. You can do this from home! 28 with Sam Wood is a great resource. I love Sam and his gorgeous wife. What I like is that all his workouts you can do from home. Sweat with Kayla is another Adelaide beauty who has endless workout which you can do from home. Greenie and I are trying to stay active every day with our cross trainer and going for walks in secluded areas as much as possible. We are on the 16th level of our unit which has an unused staircase. This week (after my night shifts) we are going to tackle them! 

  • Find Things that Make you laugh. 

Don’t give in to the spirit of fear. Don’t partner with despair my beloveds. Seek Joy. Seek ways to laugh. Greenie and I are loving Sebastian Maniscalco. (And I apologise in advance for the swearing. Sometimes he lets a bomb loose). We are watching comedies and light-hearted shows like Oceans 11! We are going out of our way to make each other laugh as much as we can. Believe me, I am well aware of the gravity of what we are facing. I am dealing with it each day in the hospital. However, it does not help to partner with fear and doom. It is vital that we keep our spirits up and our head held high! 

These are some ways which we are staying sane! How about You?! 

Fill us in! We would love to hear. 

Once again please post your comments below!

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health

Changing the Way You Think, Eat and Live


Greenie and I in isolation:

Me “Do you have to breathe so loudly?”

Greenie “What do you mean? I have to breathe.”

Me “ Your nose is whistling.”

Greenie “ That is not even possible.”

Me “Seriously. I am going to record you so you can hear how loud you are.”

Greenie “I am listening right now and all I can hear is your endless talking.”

Me “I can’t hear my talking over your breathing.”

(That conversation did not end well. And we live in a one-bedroom apartment). 

P.S Have you read Coronavirus: A lesson to learn.

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2 thoughts on “3 Ways To Stay Sane In A Pandemic

  1. Rachel Walker says:

    This is perfect Christine! I love the practical and reasonable approach to this season you and Greenie are discovering together.
    I too have found myself needing to be intentional to switch off the devices – especially with so much activity online.

    How I am going with the current times and being at home: I am stoked about the areas of growth God is wanting to empower me in! It’s a challenge to stay engaged some days but there is freedom in discovering the truth about yourself – so I’m loving going after this!
    What an opportunity…

    Rachel xx

    1. Christine says:

      Rachel. You are heaven! Thanks for sharing this… Love you.

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