Highlights: A Heart-warming Movie – A Hilarious Video (or Two) – A Couple of Quotes and The Song of the Week.

Some highlights for your week!

Oh please watch this. It is just the best movie I have watched to date. A black pianist in 1962, paid to play to the richest wealthiest of society in the deep south of America. Yet the country was so entrenched in racism, he was not allowed to dine in the same room as the very people he was playing for. He paid a racist but heart-warming Italian Driver to protect and drive him. 

It is heart-wrenching in every way. It is warm. And courageous. And needs to be watched. 

And when you do. Write to me and tell me about your favourite scene. Mine? The fried chicken.  And the best part. It is inspired by real friendship.  

Watch the trailer here. Rent it here.

Oh please stop it. This is so much fun! “What happened to guys! Look what they are ordering? Apple Martinis? Flip Flop sandals?” 

  • Quotes from Greenbook

“The world is full of people afraid to make the first move.”

Beloved: now is the time. Amend that friendship. Call that family member who you haven’t talked to in years. Make the move. 

“ It takes courage to change people’s hearts.” 

And Lastly Song of the Week from My Beloved One: 

You are deeply loved,

Dr Christine Greenwood

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Wink: Being at home a lot in a one-bedroom apartment with my Greenie has been a highlight. Of course, it has it’s moments. Like when he poos, or farts or even wees in our tiny bathroom. Or when he breathes too loud. Or sniffs to frequently… BUT IT IS GOING FINE!!! 🙂


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