What Is Your Dream Day? – Part 2

What Is Your Dream Day?

I wrote about my ‘Dream Day’ in our Connection Book. It involves New York, Oprah, Pink Cupcakes, my Greenie and my Besties. 

I asked some of my people what theirs was. Their answers have been the highlight of my week. I shared one of the answers in last weeks article (thanks Rachel Holt!) and had requests for more, so here they are!

Here are a few, ever so slightly edited – 😉

  • Janet Bell

Hey Christine! I was telling my friend last week that I would love this book! 

I’d wake up from an awesome dream and my boys (10 and 7) make avo on toast for us. I put on a gorgeous new dress and we jump in the car and I listen to a podcast on the way to Australia Zoo. We have annual passes so we’ve been lots of times, but today we get to do the animal experiences we’ve been dreaming about and discussing for months (red panda for Jonah, echidna for Deccy, wombat for me!) and the Irwins are animal handlers for us. My guys are especially excited to meet Robert. My extended family meet us there and we share a big meal, like at Christmas. My 85yo Grandma is having a good day and remembering things really well. We head back home to the beach and one of my best friends meets us at my place with her kids and fiance and we all hang out. We put on beautiful casual dresses and someone drops over to do our makeup. We go to a beautiful set up near the beach with wildflowers and lights hanging everywhere with all my friends and their families, band the other side of my extended family, for live music and food from my favourite place, Annie Lane. Newton Faulkner plays the first set and meets my boys and plays their favourite song. The music is amazing and I’m having so much fun and am moved and have a little happy cry. The boys’ dad picks them up and from the party and tells me he’s had an incredible encounter with Jesus that day. Now it’s only grown-ups (!!) and the second set of music is by my other favourite artists, The Teskey Brothers. They talk to me during the set and I’m totally in my happy place. When the music’s over, I can spend the rest of the night talking, laughing and speaking life over each other with all my favourite people under the stars and lights, to the sound of waves and more music. One of my friends has brought along a friend who it turns out is my future husband. At the end of a long night, pick up the kids and go home with some friends who come back to sleep at my place. Someone has used my mum’s spare key to move in brand new beds, pillows and linen for me and the boys. I’m about to go to bed and my future husband texts me and asks me out for later in the week. I go to sleep feeling God smiling!

  • Sarah McArthur

Dream day. Wake up and go for a 10km run (because I’m also super fit in my dream) just before the crack of dawn. I hear the audible voice of God saying good morning and running alongside me sharing deep wisdom and cracker jokes. I can run and laugh at the same time because I’m so fit. On my way back home I find a hundred bucks and chuck it in my neighbour’s mailbox. I get to mine and find another hundy. I jump online before my family rises (because the kids sleep in so well) and purchase a bunch of bethel books with my $100 (because they have stuff no one else sells and it costs like $800 for postage)… wow… my 20 items add up to $100 and they have free postage (whadeya know!!). I make the best coffee and enjoy it (the kids are STILL asleep!)… This is so long already and I’ve run out of time… That was fun….

  • Kris Witakay

(my parents aren’t hear but I still dream them in) 

My dream day- I’d wake up with a stretch and grab the phone,

Knowing I have an hour of quietness alone. 

Phone invite to my parents and kids to come for a feed, 

Coffee, communion a song and the bible I’d read. 

A banquet of love and food I’d have displayed well, 

A house full of love, laughter and stories to tell. 

Hugs and kisses from my grandkids full on, 

Then a satisfied feeling and cleaning up when they’ve gone.

Oh goodness, I loved these Dream Days. The highlight of my week was reading them. Please keep them coming in!

Stay safe and well as you self isolate. 

Think of creative ways to connect with one another. 

And remember.

The best is yet to be.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished. 

Dr Christine Greenwood

Changing the way you Think, Eat and Live.

Wink. My dream day… Oops, you have to get our Connection book to read about it! Available Here. I mean in kindle it is just over 6 dollars people!

P.S Three ways to stay sane in a pandemic.  

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