Highlights – A Stunning Bush Walk – Revisiting my Favourite Childhood Books – an Instagram Account Worth Following & the Recipe we Ate ALL Week

  • Activity: Bushwalking at Springbrook national Park

Twin Waterfall National Park bush walks. Exercise is still legal with one other person (Greenie). And this is just gorgeous and restorative. Love trekking through Greenery with my favourite person. 

Laura Ingalls Wilder. The complete Little House book Set.

I grew up on this gorgeous series of Little House in the Big Woods, Little House on the Prairie, Farmer Boy, On the Banks of the Plum Creek, By the Shores of Silver Lake, The Long Winter, Little Town on the Prairie, These Happy Golden Years and The First Four Years. 

Oh, I have been working my way through these stunning children classic novels about Laura’s life as the daughter of an American Pioneer. If you have children and want a innocent, gripping series for them to read, this is for you. I am 34 and am loving reading them again.  


You have to follow this gorgeous Instagram. The kindness and generosity of Humans all around the world helping strangers in need. A 92-year-old man dying the hair of their 92-year-old spouse as all the hairdressers are shut and 101-year-old men beating COVID-19. 

Fill your hearts with Hope and the good of humanity my beloveds. 

Sri Lankan Cutlets.

So we grew up on this tasty snack. Nanna would make up 100 or so of these snack-sized meatballs flavoured with pepper and cumin, dipped in egg rolled in breadcrumbs and fried or baked to perfection. Times like this make you cherish those old memories, I called up my 92-year-old Nanna and got the recipe over the phone. Greenie and I whipped up a huge batch. We keep them in the freezer and then when we want a few, whip them out and bake or shallow fry them with some nasty old sugary Tomato sauce. The BEST. Make with your kids today! Here is an easy YouTube.

That’s it from me beloveds.

What are your highlights this week? Leave a comment on my website. 

Your interaction means the world to me! 

You are deeply loved and richly cherished

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health: Changing the way you Think, Eat and Live. 


Seriously How clean are public toilets right now! Has anyone else noticed? And I was in MacDonald’s the other day and the toilet was so clean it was sparkling?! ( Yes I was at MacDonald’s. Health workers get free drinks till May! And I like a caramel macaroon now and then. So Shoot me). 

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