The Real Heroes Are YOU

Here is an article which was written by a fellow Doctor. It sums up how we as Doctors and Nurses feel about you. Thank you, Australia. 

Davina Bunstma is a gorgeous Paediatric Doctor. Here is what she had to say:

“Everyone’s been thanking the healthcare workers… but it’s high time for us to thank YOU! 🙏

The past few weeks have been strangely quiet on the paediatric ward. With everyone taking social distancing seriously there have been fewer coughs and colds, less broken bones… and plenty more time to put towards planning and preparing for the worst.

Which I’m hopeful now we’ll never see… as the number of daily COVID cases falls (we’re recording <50 in Aus, down from 300-400 a couple of weeks ago 👏) – hope inversely increases.

So thank you for missing out on that annual beach or camping trip with the family, for the egg hunts and Easter gatherings that were missed, for the Skype lunches when we’d much rather hold those dear to us, for the mum at home who has watched Peppa Pig about 1000 times too many.

There’s still a way to go. 

Eventually, this will come to an end… and the honest reality is that you will have saved more lives than us

So from the bottom of my heart – thank you.”

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Thank you Davina You glorious Queen! We Love you!

This post was from the 13th of April so the numbers and stats are from that date. 

You are deeply loved and richly cherished my beloved readers,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health: Changing the way You Think, Eat and Live


You know what I miss? I miss sitting at a café with Greenie with my long black and his double shot latte and my side of a babycino which I get purely for the marshmallows. I miss the waiter’s confused look as he delivers it to me. And I miss sitting there watching all the people. Discussing with Greenie who is on a first date… who is on a Tinder date… Who is married, who wish they are married… etc. Now I hypothesize about people who are ‘exercising’ when we go on our walks… Ha! Not quite the same. 

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