Highlights – A Banana Cake, An Excellent Podcast & a Hilarious Clip About Airport Check-in!

  • 1 – Banana Cake 

My absolute highlight of the week is the banana cake my friend made me. I felt so loved and nourished with every bite. It is those acts of kindness in life that you remember forever. Thank you beloved Michael and Anita. Here is a recipe you might like to try. It is so simple and delicious every single time. Not the one she used, but a great one none the less. Let the iso baking begin. 

  • 2 – Podcast

Craig Groeschel, my leadership crush, did a raw and real podcast here that really impacted Greenie and I. Super practical and super relevant. And So, So wise. Every leader needs to hear this. For such a time as this. Leading from Home.

  • 3 – Hilarious Video Clip

You have all heard about my obsession with Sebastian. Oh, he is just too funny. I LOVED his clip on flying. For those of you who fly regularly, you HAVE to watch. It is so so true. Check in 

And that is it from me! 

I am thinking of all of you this week. Bake someone a cake this week. And make some time to listen to a podcast or two. And DON’T forget to Laugh! 

You are, as always, deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health: Changing the way you Think, Eat and Live 


I miss hot cross buns already. It is NO joke. I miss them enough to make them from scratch. I think I might try my hand at making them. You heard it first. I am going to succumb to Iso baking. Stay tuned… My past attempts at anything involving yeast have NOT gone well. 

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