Own Your Health – An Interview With Beautiful Amy Gurling (Unveiling Poppy)

Meet Amy. The Inspiring owner of the stunning business Unveiling Poppy. 

She is intelligent, courageous, incredibly creative and has found a way to make her passion her vocation. 

I can’t wait for you to meet one of our local business owners. Today we talk about what she does, how she got there, her thoughts and advice about owning your own business, and how she is navigating a business through coronavirus. 

I hope you are as blessed as I was!  

Amy! Congratulations on the most incredible store and business that boasts excellence, and beauty. It is so clear that you love what you do. Could you tell us a little about what your business, what it offers and how it got started?

I’m very blessed to have a job that I love! After studying floristry, I started Unveiling Poppy, specialising solely in wedding flowers from a home studio in South Brisbane in 2011. I also worked part-time for other florists while I grew the business. This often meant finishing my day on a Friday for another florist and then working through the night until the early hours of Saturday mornings to work my own weddings. In 2016 Unveiling Poppy had grown to a place where it was almost viable enough for me to work for myself Full Time. With the huge support (and a gentle push) from my husband I left my casual florist job and continued to develop Unveiling Poppy Weddings for the next few years. Fortunately, the business continued to flourish (pardon the pun) and I needed staff to help with the large scale weddings that we where taking on. In 2018 my husband suggested that we open a bricks and mortar retail store that offered bespoke daily flowers, indoor plants & unique homewares while still specialising in wedding flowers. It meant that the first year or so would be very hard work but we would eventually have staff to help with the store and the weddings. We found a great spot to lease, created an entirely new fit-out in a month and were open for business to the public in September 2018. It was scary and exciting all wrapped in one!”

What made you launch out in your own business? Was it a journey or was it something that was always your end goal to do? 

Before I studied floristry I had no idea what I wanted to do career-wise. I was stuck going from job to job that I didn’t enjoy. My husband and I sat down one day and discussed what I would like to do that involved being creative as well as connecting with people. Pretty soon we came to the conclusion together that my personality is better suited to being my own boss and I have always LOVED flowers so consequently I looked into studying floristry with the hope of one day having our own florist business.

I grew up on a farm in the Southern Highlands of NSW surrounded by stunning landscapes and beautiful gardens. When I was little I used to pick weeds from the neighbours gardens, make them into a posies then knock on their door and sell them for 50cents each! When I was trying to think of a name to call the business I would sit in bed at night and write out names until one night it clicked. I wanted a name that told our couples that we support them in their wedding and in their marriage. I’ve always loved the history of the flanders poppy. My Grandfather was in the war & he grew them in his garden. Their beauty that unveils from their pod. The traditional flower meaning for Poppy is Dreams so essentially, we are saying “Unveiling Dreams” for our couples, our customers and for us.”

Talk us through what it is like to own a business in times like this where Coronovirus has changed everything about the way we live our lives.

It’s interesting to own a business at the best of times let alone during COVID-19. Our weddings and events were the first to be impacted significantly. We really feel for all of our couples as it’s such a sad time for them and we want to support them any way we can. The noticeable difference in the store is the walk in customers. To quote some of our customers, our store is known to be a “a sanctuary” ” an oasis” and “a happy place”. To take that away from them wasn’t something that we wanted to do. We have been fortunate to remain open, operate very safely and the community support has been phenomenal. We had to change parts of our business model and adapt quickly. If they choose to, customers can have a completely non contact service by purchasing on line and having their products to their home or their friends & family. One of the major positive impact we have found is the launch of our “Contactless Cuddle Posy”. These are an affordable $25 bunch that can be delivered to a loved one with a sweet card to say “You’ve Been Hugged”. The community has certainly embraced them. 

It’s a strange time but hope is not lost and this too shall pass. Our hope is that there will be a “new normal” where we continue to love, support and care for each other.” 

You are super modest but I know from good sources that you won the ABIA which stands for the Australian Bridal Industry Academy award for top wedding florist in QLD.  Congratulations! Tell me what that award meant to you?

Thank you. The votes are based on reviews by our past couple’s experience with Unveiling Poppy for their wedding so it was very humbling to receive the award. The ABIA is widely respected throughout the wedding industry. It was a wonderful achievement and meant a lot to me.” 

Owning a busy business is around the clock work. It never ends. Could you give us an indication of how you create healthy boundaries for yourself to rest and recoup? 

Good question! To be honest, I’m still learning the whole “work/life” balance thing. Being a business owner, your brain never really switches off, however I have learnt the importance to putting healthy boundaries in place to protect my own mental health and the precious time with those that I love. Weekends are often heavily loaded with weddings or events but the store is closed on Mondays so I do my best to protect this time by having the day off. I’ve learnt that it’s ok to say “no”, make physical priority lists (to get it out of my mind & down on paper) and not to compromise on things that I value. Exercise, bad singing and daggy dance moves are often a great stress relief for me too!” 

What is the best part about owning and working in Unveiling Poppy?

The best part is getting to do it with my best mate (my husband) and our two beautiful employees Georgie and Tammey. I’m so blessed to be able to walk this journey with their support, creativity, inspiration, talent and loyalty. The best dreams are created together. I have loved transitioning to a bricks and mortar store because it has enabled me to meet so many beautiful people throughout the community and form some really genuine connections with others. We get to be creative, work with nature and bring joy and beauty into people’s homes during some of the saddest times of their lives or the best times in their lives and I consider that pretty darn special!” 

What is the hardest part about owning and working in Unveiling Poppy?

“The hardest part for me is taking my hands off certain things that I can’t control and just allowing the processes to happen.” 

What is one bit of advice which you wish you knew 18 months ago when you started?

Don’t expect to get to the finish line too quickly. Life is more about the journey than the destination. If things go wrong it’s usually just temporary. The hard slog is not forever. The difficult times will pass and the good always outweighs the bad. You will see the fruits of your labour. Put your focus on the positives and that is what you will continue to see.” 

For someone who is thinking of launching out on their own business, what is one bit of advice you could give them?

Do your research, ask for advice from people who have had experience in a similar business to the one you want to start. Ask them what has worked for them and what hasn’t. Don’t be too afraid to leap. It is OK to fail. Surround yourself with loyal and trustworthy people who will be there to pick you up when times are tough and celebrate you when you succeed and…. invest in a good accountant!” 

If you could do a wedding for anyone in the world, who would you pick?

To do the wedding florals for any of the Royals in the UK would be amazing!” 

Thank you Amy for being A part of this interview. I love you and your store and everything you bring! 

We cannot wait to check out your store. Where can my readers find you? 

For our bricks and mortar store check out Unveiling Poppy Store on Instagram.

For all things, wedding florals go to Unveiling Poppy Weddings on Instagram.

Our our website is –

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health – Changing the way you Think, Eat and Live


Husband. Please get me a ‘You have been Hugged’. I would like to be hugged by Unveiling Poppy.

P.S Have you read Own Your Health with my beloved Naomi?  

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