A Man Who Has Changed and Shaped my Life.

Let me tell you a story about a man who has completely changed my life. He continues to inspire me and confront me with his outrageous generosity, his heart of compassion and kindness. If Jesus walked on the earth I am sure that he would act a lot like Pastor Kiran Paul. 

I met Kiran and his wife Lakshmi when I was a little girl. This incredible man stayed in my home on a visit from India. He had been confronted by the poverty and stark desperate need all around him. He could no longer ignore what was happening. He started rescuing children from the streets of India where they were victims of moral perversion, brutal exploitation, starvation and poverty. Many had been orphaned due to high levels of suicide rates among parents, or illness like HIV or TB. He started with 7 children and took them into his own home, where he and his wife adopted them as their own children, raising them with his own two biological children. Despite being a college graduate, he could not stop there. Turning his back on a lucrative career, he was not able to turn his eyes away from the needy or hungry, abused children, Kiran started taking more and more orphans into his home. 

One thing led to another, and within a few years, Kiran’s seven children turned into 220! Today the orphanage is home to over these children, providing 3 meals a day, education and after school tutoring, vaccinations and healthcare. He also has a suicide prevention ministry, posting his mobile number on a large billboard near a popular place for suicides. The orphanage is helped by widows from Kiran’s church. These women have lost everything, they too were left destitute. They now love, cook, and look after these children. Now they are mothers to the precious children in the Berachah orphanage. 

Kiran’s ministry extends even further than the children and widows in Beracah. The orphanage also organises foster accommodation for 79 children with church families and facilitates the childhood vaccinations of the entire town and surrounding villages. 

All because of the vision, sacrifice, courage and dedication of one man and his family. 

Beracah Ministries is financially supported by the generosity of individuals and churches via a fund administrated by His Harvest. His Harvest is a not for profit Australian charity which was formed by a group of young friends, led by my amazing sister Davina. To learn more click here.

In the wake of COVID -19, India is in devastation. It is the reality of the economy that many are starving. Many of whom are children. Despite already having 220 children in his care, Kiran mortgaged his vehicle, filled it with big pots of food and drove around the streets feeding starving children out of the boot of his car. Seeing him made me cry…

We are now raising money for the ration packs he and his team are providing for the vast need in India. And it only just beginning. 

If you have space in your heart to donate to these gorgeous children or even send him an encouraging word may I ask that you do? Your gift or prayers will impact his life and those whom he has laid his life down for. 

You can give to the His Harvest appeal here.

I thank you in advance.

May we all be more like this incredible modern-day hero Kiran Paul and his wife Lakshmi. 

They make me stop and remember that our lives are not our own. 

And the most important thing is to love the one in front. 

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health: changing the way you think, eat and live. 


Oh, my heart. Do you see the big eyes on those stunning children? They make me cry. 

P.S. In case you have missed it the link is His Harvest. Set up by my incredible sister.

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