Christine’s Highlights! – A Podcast, the Best Series Ever, A Movie & Some Recipes

Christine’s Weekly Highlights:

Here are my picks for the week (A day early to make some room for an epic Sunday Mother’s Day article!)

Have you seen the series The Chosen? Below is the Trailer. You have to watch them. Talk about the stories of the Bible coming to life. Just mind-blowing. 

The single most faith encouraging piece of media I’ve watched. It’s that good.

If you binge-watch anything this COVID season, make sure this is on your list. You can watch these for free on the Chosen App.

Check out the trailer:

Also, HERE are the episodes on Youtube if the app doesn’t work for you:

  • Chicken Soup Recipe

Oh, the weather is going to change. It is getting colder. There is a temptation to eat comforting naughty foods. While Greenie has indulged a little, I feel like diving into health and wholeness a bit more in what we eat. We have been feasting on this nourishing Chicken soup. Check this out. Gosh it is GOOD! 

  • Uncorked

Here is a movie worth watching. It is on Netflix. It was so good that after I watched it once, I wanted to watch it all over again the next day. It is about an endearing young African American man who dreams of becoming a sommelier. I loved it so much that the next day I wanted to watch it again.  Trailer Here.  And watch it on Netflix! Amazing. 

So talking about eating healthy again, the chicken soup was prompted because we ate WAY TOO MUCH lemon slice. Definitely not the healthiest but it is so so delicious. I recommend you make a BIG batch and put it in your freezer for the occasional treat. We made a big batch but ate it very quickly… Then we ate chicken soup… And now I want more lemon slice… sigh.

Fascinating Podcast from Dr Mark Hyman and his special Guest on Gut health, a topic I get asked about A LOT! Make sure you have a listen if your interested or suffer from a chronic illness! It is very, very eye-opening! 

That’s it from me. Pretty much delicious foods, and great inspiring things to watch and listen to. Combined with long walks, that is how Greenie and I have been having downtown this Covid season.

You are deeply loved and richly Cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health – Changing the way You Think, Eat and Live


I can’t wait to go to the Gold Coast and Dig my heels in the sand, drink coffee at our favourite café Elk and then get do some NON-essential shopping with some Very essential people-watching, in a food court FULL of people SITTING to eat! YES. CAN’T WAIT! 

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