Girl, Stop Comparing

It’s Your Body. Your Health. You Do You.

I love a fit, toned bronzed body. I love abs on a girl. I love long lanky legs. I love a curvy chest that fills out a dress. I LOVE IT ALL. But this week I found myself loving everything except for my own little body. I loved everything and everyone except me

Images of ‘perfection’ fill our Instagrams and are broadcasted over our social media. Perfection is celebrated across our magazines and indoctrinated in our minds as the ultimate way to be. 

I have found myself comparing myself to other bodies and becoming critical of my own. 

What’s worse is that as I get older and my body changes, I have found myself wishing I looked liked yesterday, or the year before.

This doesn’t happen all the time,  but those times it does, I realise how dangerous and Toxic it can be. 

Beloved one of the most powerful lessons I am learning as I get older is learning to ask myself these questions:

  • What is healthy for me?
  • What is balance for me?
  • What is fit and beautiful for me? 

And SCREW what the answer is for anyone else! I am going to own my health, my way. 

Listen to me. Healthy for me will not look like healthy for you. Beautiful for me, will not look like you, or Ell McPherson or anyone else for that matter. Balance for me will not be balanced for you. 

More importantly, my 34 year old body is different to my 25 year old body. AND SO IT SHOULD BE.  Ladies we do not need to compare our body to the body of yesterday! 

So girls. Grow and learn with me. Let’s stop comparing ourselves to one another. Let’s stop judging ourselves. Let’s learn to run our own race. Learn what it is to be healthy and balanced and beautiful for us. 

Girl You do You, and I’ll do me, and we’ll celebrate each other!

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health

Changing the Way You Think, Eat, and Live

Wink: Seriously. My poor husband. I will wear something one day and feel smoking hot, and the next day the same outfit makes me feel like a frumpy brown mess. And he knows ALL about it. He patiently listens and tries to keep a poker face that does not say, “GIRL You are out of your Mind!”. I appreciate you my treat of treats! 

Does Any one else do this? 

P.S Have you read Thankfulness, the secret to hope.

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One thought on “Girl, Stop Comparing

  1. Julie Fickel says:

    Thanks Christine awesome – toxic thinking can be so subtle or habitual so as not to realise it is what we are doing. Thankyou for calling it out
    I choose to be kinder and more accepting of my body and explore my own truth about balance and health & wellbeing. God bless Julie

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