I Got A Coffee & Sat Down to Drink It!

Oh my goodness. 

I ordered a coffee from my favourite local café. The waiter asked if I wanted to drink in or take away. “TO HAVE HERE” I roared, far too enthusiastically for a Sunday morning. But I couldn’t help it! I sat with Greenie suitably distanced from the table next door but not too far that I couldn’t watch their body language and hypothesise about their lives. 

We ordered some 8 dollar toast. We had both had breakfast but I had to order something!  I asked for peanut butter, butter and Raspberry Jam. Just because I could! I spread it with a metal knife and ate it off a real plate. And it was hot when I ate it. Just the way I like it. 

The couple next to us were not on their first date. I know this because I studied them with the intensity of a final year med student. I was pretty sure, however, that they were only on their second or third. While they didn’t have the awkwardness of the first date, they didn’t eat off each other’s plates, sip each other’s drinks, and most importantly, politely put their cutlery down to chat…. 

Greenie, on the other hand, looked at me with quiet annoyance when I took my second sip of his coffee. His look said an exasperated, ‘I asked if you wanted one.’

His lips said “Shall I order you a coffee of your own darling?” 

“No thank you, darling…” I said sweetly. “I don’t need my own. I just want a sip of two (or three) of yours.” #marriedadecade. 

Then we lingered. I read the paper. I LOVE the paper. Looked at real estate. Set the price range parameters a few hundred thousand over what we could afford on Cause we were at a café. And that is what you do at cafes…. 

Then I watched a few more people. Admired their breakfasts. Their clothes. Tried to eavesdrop a little… Finally, Greenie wanted to leave. As he dragged me out I gleamed with the deepest contentment. I LOVE TO DRINK COFEE AT CAFES and pay exorbitant prices for toast and jam!  

It’s the small things. The little coffees. The slow mornings of toast and the paper. The people-watching. The comforting local cafes. The smell of coffee and conversation. The community. The connection.

It is coming back. 

And not a moment to soon. 

What little bit of normal did you reintroduce this week? 

You are deeply loved and Richly cherished! 

Dr Christine Greenwood

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What is it with guys and sharing food? I don’t want my own serve of chips… I just want some of yours Greenie.

No, I don’t want my own drink, I just want to taste yours. I’m sorry if I want more than one sip. I might want two. It is hard to say. Sometimes I may be extra thirsty and drink half (most) of yours. Oh well. I didn’t know I would enjoy it so much until I had some of yours. I am NOT sorry. I won’t change. And next time. I will NOT order my own. Why would I?

P.S Have you read What is your dream day?

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