My Highlights – An Epic Podcast – An Unforgettable Outing & A Documentary

  • 1 – Podcast

It is no secret that I LOVE Enneagram. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it has changed my life. Enneagram is a personality test which I have found incredibly insightful and helpful to understand myself and others. A world-renowned expert shares a little about Enneagram on this podcast. If you are new to Enneagram or a passionate advocate, you would LOVE this.  What is The Enneagram? Susanne Stabile Gives Us a Primer

  • 2 – Outing: Greenie and I went out to a real café!

I had real coffee. And SAT DOWN. I looked at the people next to us. Hypothesised about their lives. Drank coffee. And tea. Ordered overpriced toast with three different spreads and had a different spread on each bit. And in the end, I had hypothesised about every person in the café. Knew everything about them. How long they had been together. What they were feeling. The state of their relationship. Whether they were friends, family, or acquaintances. I went to town! I also read the paper and chose the houses we would buy when we were multi-millionaires… Best Outing of my life. 

I loved watching Michelle Obama. Learning about her life. Her passion. What it looks like to be the president’s wife. While I do not wish to express my political opinion, I sure respect this incredible lady. Her leadership and integrity. I richly enjoyed this documentary. 

What were your highlights this week?

You are richly cherished and deeply loved…

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own your Health – Changing the way you think, eat and live.


My highlights are SO different from Greenies. AHAHAHAH seriously it is amazing that we are married. We are like chalk and cheese. Black and white (almost literally). It is rather hilarious really.

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