Benjamin Franklin & My ‘Off’ Day

So, a couple of days ago I had an ‘off’ day. 


A big stint of shifts at work. Lots of particularly stressful situations outside of work with family, plus a couple of weeks of feeling pretty sick and run down physically…


I woke up on my one day off already feeling a bit off. Greenie did something that upset me early morning… And well, the rest is history. I was officially in the most grumpy, frumpy, irritable mood I had been in for MONTHS. 

He was the most annoying thing on legs, and I severely regretted EVER getting a one-bedroom apartment. What a silly idea. Whose idea was that? Oh, that’s right, it was mine. But that was before I knew how exceptionally annoying my husband really was. Like, who sniffs like a rhinoceros? My HUSBAND! That’s who. 

All of a sudden, my job was very burdensome and exceedingly stressful, despite the fact I had said to my husband not 24 hours ago that I LOVE my job and that my workmates were the absolute highlight of my week.

The neighbours were too loud, my coffee was too cold, the dryer was too slow, and my stupid phone was outdated. Most of all. Did I mention how terribly ANNOYING my husband was? I could hear him breathing from my room where I was attempting to study a stupid diploma of nutrition which was undoubtedly a big fat waste of my time anyway…

As you can imagine I was a joy to be around.

You could have said anything, and I would have reframed it so I could turn it into an argument. And boy did I ever with poor Greenie that day. He couldn’t unload the dishwasher right. In all truth, Greenie was lucky to have made it out alive.

Am I exaggerating? Sadly not. 

The very next day I listened to my online mentor and leadership crush, John Maxwell, in the final chapter of the BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ on leadership (which I will share in my highlights).

He talked about how adding value to others was one of his highest priorities in life. This was a desire that stirred in him as a teenager after reading about Benjamin Franklin.

John Maxwell writes: 

“Frankin didn’t see the world in terms of how much he could make from it, rather he saw it in terms of how many people he could help. Franklin asked himself in the morning, “what good should I do today?” and in the evening “What good have I done today?” 

Oh wow. I can assure you right now. I woke up in the morning thinking: “I am the most hard done by, hardworking, totally exhausted person in the entire world.”

I went to bed thinking: “I have the most annoying husband, difficult life, and it is only by the fact that I am so resilient and strong that I survive it.” 

I can assure you others were NOT on my mind…


It is easy to think of others when they are kind, or when I am feeling energetic and full of life. It is different when you are tired and time-poor and, all the things…

But, consistency is everything, and when is it is hard, is often when it counts the most. 

I aspire to be more like Benjamin Franklin and John Maxwell… men of selflessness, both leaders to be remembered forever. 

You are deeply loved and richly cherished. 

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health: Changing the way you think, eat and live. 


So, COVID restrictions are slowly lifting. Our rooftop toilet is O P E N. There is hope for our marriage after all! Imagine My IMMENSE Elation when I got to send Greenie to the rooftop toilet for his daily constitution! The only time that day that I was able to smile.

P.S Have you read The five love languages?

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