Enneagram – It Has Changed My LIFE!

I mentioned last week that my podcast pick in my highlights article was on Enneagram. And it has reminded me of my passion for Enneagram. I have run a series of workshops around this for leaders and business people and find it fascinating watching as people grow in capacity when they grow in self-awareness.

I would love for my community to learn about the Enneagram then we can all talk about it TOGETHER! 

SO here is an article which I wrote on Enneagram with some resources. 

The Enneagram – It May Just Change Your Life!

Have a read and let the conversation begin!

Self awareness is a powerful pursuit for everyone to prioritise.

You are richly loved and deeply cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health – Changing the way you think, eat and live.


I would also LOVE to hear what Ennegram type/types you are.

Comment below!

P.S have you read Four ways to hold a victorious mindset?

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