Post-COVID Habits – Which Will You Keep Or Let Go?

As COVID restrictions slowly lift and we start to re-enter life as we know it now, I have been thinking:

  • There are many ‘habits’ that I have had to let go of 
  • And many new habits and ways of life that I have formed 

Now is a perfect time to reflect and think about what we want to intentionally bring back into our lives. And what we want to intentionally stop.

I have been reflecting on this over the last week. As social isolation starts to diminish, here are some things I have let go of and want to try to keep at bay.

Not Going to Bring Back: 

  • 1 – Shopping for ‘non-essential’ items. There were so many times where I used to think I ‘needed’ certain items. Such as new underwear, or a new notebook, or a new work outfit. Where in coronavirus when it was not advised to go out, I actually realised I didn’t need these at all. In fact, in the last few months, Mark and I have really only spent money on essential groceries and little else. Oh and some uber eats here and there as a treat. Being minimal and basic has been strangely refreshing and GREAT for our budgeting.

  • 2 – Pressure to go to social events. I am actually a bit of an introvert. Feeling the release from social events has been very nice. It has made me wonder how many social gatherings I go to out of pressure, and the importance of having healthy boundaries to never go to events out of obligation. It is just NOT worth it.

And there are some new habits and comforts I have started since Coronovirus that I have genuinely loved and want to continue.

What I Am Going to Continue:

  • 1 – Saturday nights with Greenie and I. I have found having Saturday nights free for my man so restorative. I have just loved it. The last two Saturdays we have watched movies in bed with snacks after having a long unhurried dinner which I slow cooked all day (thanks Christine Flatt!) I can’t tell you how in the middle of a crazy week I take such comfort in knowing that Saturday night it will be just me and my man, and I will have him all to myself. I want to protect that night for us if I can. It made ALL the difference in the world to me. 

  • 2 – Studying half of Sundays. I have found having a chunk of time on Sundays where I know that I can just smash out a few hours of uninterrupted study really actually decreases my stress levels and increases my capacity for the rest of the week. Getting up early on a Sunday might sound counterintuitive but it actually is super helpful to study for a few hours bright and early and go into the week knowing that I am on top of that part of my life, and of course, it is all relevant to my work and destiny anyway. 

  • 3 – Learning to enjoy simple things. During COVID, Greenie and I, while we lived in the heart of the city, found joy in the simplicity of life. On our off days, we went on huge walks. Or we would make our way to the look out at kangaroo point and just sit and watch the sky… It is amazing how we don’t need to be entertained. We have gorgeous walks in Brisbane, amazing lookouts and one another. And it is far better than anything else. 

  • 4 – Reading more. I have LOVED having more time to read. I realise it makes me smarter, more well rounded, a better writer, and most of all helps me sit still and rest. I have deeply loved reading more and want to continue this. 

Things I Will Definitely Do AGAIN ASAP:

  • 1 – Go to Cafes/food courts and restaurants. Oh wow. I have DEEPLY missed going out, especially to Cafes. Oh please, the people watching. Carefully prepared food. The waiters. Did I mention the people-watching? AND, Did I mention the people watching?! I have missed it DREADFULLY! 

  • 2 – Going to the movies. I don’t care what is out when movies reopen. I WILL BE THERE! With my bag of lollypops and my hot tea. Greenie with his hot chocolate. And I will just be in HEAVEN.

  • Dinner parties. There is something so restorative about having dinner together at someone’s house and sharing stories and laughs and time. These were sorely missed. 

  • Going away on short trips. I didn’t realise how refreshing overnight trips were, even interstate or a couple of hours away, until I couldn’t do it anymore. Getting out of routine and into something new and different is so good for us. I can’t wait for a little trip away somewhere. 

So there are some of my reflections

How about you? What will you let go of? What will you keep doing? What will do you ASAP? Comment below! 

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own your health – changing the way you Think, Eat and Live.

Wink: Oh my goodness I miss Movies. I never realised how much I love the movies until they shut down. I love the smell of popcorn and the loud deafening advertisements. I adore the previews. I even miss the overpriced candy. Give me my $6.50 choc top! I miss seeing old people who look so happy drinking their enormous drinks. Looking mildly confused as to what possessed them to buy an 8 dollar jug of coke, but now they have and they better drink it all rather than waste a cent. I LOVE it all. I can’t WAIT to go again. 

P.S. Have you read A man who changed and shaped my life?

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