Highlights – A recipe, A Book, a Podcast & A video

Beloveds How has your week Been? I have just LOVED this week. The cold snap? Oh Yeah got out my cosy jacket and my parker. Curled under my blanket. Snuggled up to Greenie! The BEST ever. 

Don’t forget to watch ‘Up Close #withtheGreenwoods’. Our combined Highlights for the week. Watch it here. 

  • 1 – Recipe

I have said this before but with the cold snaps, we have had the most incredible chicken soups. Seriously. Whole chicken, every vegetable you can think of, stacks of whole garlic cloves, some chicken stock and INTO THE SLOW COOKER (thanks Christine Flatt!) OMG HEAVEN! No exaggeration. Heaven. Here is a recipe if you need one. 

  • 2 – Book

This is the same as last weeks as it is THE BEST and HAS NOT CHANGED, and IT IS ROCKING my World. The 15 invaluable laws of growth by John Maxwell. Seriously growing in character and integrity does not happen on accident. We must all have an intentional plan about how to grow. This book teaches you how in the most insightful, simple yet incredibly grabbing way. I listen to it on audio and read it at the same time. And it is changing me. 

  • 3 – Podcast

Yep still harping on about Enneagram. And I will continue to do so. Here is another Podcast by Enneagram for Leaders Part one and Part Two by Andy Stanley. Come on now, even Andy, one of the greatest modern-day leaders loves Enneagram. Get into it then INBOX me or comment! 

  • 4 – Favourite moment this week.

Getting of work early and walking with my Man during the week. We walked up to our favourite lookout. Watched the sunset. Walked down (freezing my behind off) and came home to SLOW COOKED chicken soup. Oh, man. The small things in life.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your health: Changing the way you Think, Eat and Live.


I have been watching the Hunger Games, and Liam Hemsworth is dreamy. Even Greenie thinks so. And Katness, aka Jennifer Lawrence. What Cheekbones. They are dreamy.

P.S Have you read last week’s Highlights?

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