Highlights – A Book – A Podcast – An Album & A Nourishing Recipe To Indulge In

  • 1 – Book.

Limitless: Jim Kwik.

This dynamic book is from a man who as a young boy had a brain injury which seriously set him back. He has learned from his own powerful testimony to grow his brain, intentionally pursue mental expansion and brain fitness. He is a number one wall street journal bestseller, coaches companies like google, apple, well-known celebrities and the great minds of the world. And yet when he was young, he had so much trouble learning that his teacher called him the “Boy with a Broken Brain.” His compelling story on how he taught himself how to learn, grow his brain, speed read, retain, and apply knowledge is incredible. 

I cannot believe I am only just reading this now. I promise you it is revelatory. Please read. 

  • 2 – Podcast

Treating Acne from the Inside out with Dr Elizabeth Boham

One of the most common complaints that I heard as a doctor in the community was, “Doctor How can I clear my skin?!” A lot of the time strong steroid-based creams and antibiotics are used in medical practice. While sometimes these can be useful, this podcast explores other alternative treatments that can be explored. I thought it was very interesting indeed. I may not believe in everything I heard but I certainly think it is worth the listen and thought. Conventional medicine has its place but these methods could be used in conjunction or at your own doctor’s discretion. (Bear in mind as you listen to this that this is for informational purposes only and that it cannot take the place of the advice or treatment of your own treating doctor).

  • 3 – Album

Peace to all those who enter here. Josh Garrels.

I love this so much. Greenie and I have had it on repeat for the last fortnight. I love the first song the most.

  • 4 – Recipe

Greenie and I have been experimenting with our slow cooker. We made curry. Massaman with lamb. MOORISH. And we made this with cauliflower rice. The best ever. Here is a recipe from Delicious. Hint: GET A SLOW COOKER!  

That is it from me.

Make sure you are watching Up Close – #withtheGreenwoods, where Mark releases words of wisdom and grace, and I spend 50% of the time being annoyed. Say no more.

Beloved, I am intentional about these highlights. Owning your health is about intentionally growing your brain, considering ways to improve health, finding space to listen to music, and exploring different cuisines that are healthy and wholesome.  

Thinking of you and cheering you on my beloved ones on your journey to furthering and owning your health.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood. 

Own Your Health, Changing the Way You Think, Eat and Live. 

Wink: Greenie made this week’s Lamb Massaman. Goodness me. It is the second time he has cooked this year yet one would have thought he had gone to war and single-handedly claimed the victory. Seriously. I was torn between feeling proud and annoyed as he strutted around the kitchen tasting and basting, and all of a sudden offering me ‘healthful’ tidbits of advice on how to cook. 

P.S Have you read last week’s highlights? 

Can’t be bothered reading? Watch our short clips: Up close with the Greenies. Watch here.

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