Can You Become More Intelligent?

Can You Become More Intelligent?

The answer is YES! 100 percent YES!

Have you ever heard the saying, “We only use 10% of our brain?”

So have I. And I believed it. Did you know that the evidence is saying that this is completely and utterly false? And when I think about it, that makes so much more sense. Why on earth would God give us a brain for us to only use 10% of it? Ridiculous when one thinks about it. 

Listen to me my beloveds. I have studied for over a decade now. I have completed my nursing degree, medical degree, diploma of obstetrics, am finishing a diploma in nutrition, and engage continuous study in between. Immersed in this world amongst high functioning academic people, we are constantly talking about what we learned, what we need to learn, how to apply what we learn, but very rarely do we talk about how to increase our mental capacity. The methods of how to learn faster. How to retain what we read. How to increase our brain function. 

I am reading this book called ‘Limitless’, that is changing my life. At 34 years old, I am only reading this now! And it is blowing my grid.

The book is written by the author Jim Kwik, who had a brain injury when he was a child and thereafter suffered learning difficulties which made him become known as the “boy with a broken brain” by his own teacher. Determined to learn how to increase his intelligence, and his learning capacity, he discovered that there were no bounds to the way he could increase his brain function. His astounding testimony will excite you and his gift of turning what he has learned into practical tools is truly revelatory. He is now on a life long mission to show the world how the boundaries of one’s brain: 


in fact 


Listen to me beloved. If you have ever had a belief that you are a slow learner. Or if you want to increase your ability to read, comprehend, and excel. Or if you are a high achiever and want to learn how to optimise your brain and increase your intelligence. Or do not fit into any of these characters but are a living and breathing Human.

I need you to READ this book. 

Please. It will blow your grid like it is blowing mine. 

Limitless By Jim Kwik.  

You are deeply loved and richly cherished. 

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health – Changing the way you Think, Eat and live.


So, the ongoing snoring dilemma. We were sure that the dairy was making Greenie snore. So Greenie selflessly agreed to try dairy-free yoghurt. I excitedly made him his dessert of banana with honey, fried in olive oil. With Coyo Yoghurt. That night I snuggled into bed, confident that my Husband would not snore. BOY WAS I WRONG! The snoring was there. And it was ten times worse. Worse I tell you! I held his nose (just like my friend taught me). After a moment of gasping for air. He would wake up and do it all again. I slapped his chest (no one taught me that) He would wake up and say “What” indignantly. What? What?!! I will show you what! I tell you. It is TESTING my patience! BIG TIME. Wives of snoring husbands… HELP ME! 

P.S I am obsessed with Mentoring right now. 

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