“Inch By Inch is Synch – Yard By Yard Is Hard”

“Inch By Inch is Synch. Yard By Yard is Hard.”Jim Kwick

Making Small Changes: 

‘Limitless’ by Jim Kwick, is all about learning how to learn. One of the many incredible tips that he gives about increasing and optimising your brain function is the importance of fuelling your brain with good food.

So, I am applying this principle this week and our small change for the next month for us is to increase the amount of brain rich foods we are eating. 

In Jim’s book, he outlines some of his top brain foods. Among others these include: 

  1. Broccoli
  2. Blueberries
  3. Salmon and Sardines
  4. Leafy Green Vegetables
  5. Avocado

I picked these because they are my favourite. 

I am currently going out of my way to try and incorporate one or more into our diet every single day. So far, we are loving the challenge. 

Below are some ways which we have been having the above foods. 

  • 1 – Broccoli 

Our favourite way to eat broccoli is steamed with some olive oil on top. Remember to eat your vegetables with good fats to absorb all those vitamins ADEK.  You don’t have to be afraid of good fats. Read more about that here. While simple is best in my opinion, broccoli is incredibly versatile.  Here are some other recipes which are different, very interesting to try and pretty moorish. I have loved this Broccoli Salad. The crunchy texture of that one and the flavour is to die for. Another green treat is Broccoli and cauliflower bake. Amazing! Worth the effort and perfect for the weekend. Greenie just loved it (we used real parmesan). And the winning recipe has to be Crispy Broccoli – my absolute favourite.  Nutritional Yeast is quite delicious but if you don’t like the taste use real parmesan. 

  • 2 – Blueberries

As the fresh ones are six dollars a packet, we eat the frozen ones instead. Especially as Greenie can eat a packet in a night. Frozen is pretty good, in a smoothie or blended with some coconut milk or cream and then frozen for a sweet healthy treat. Here is a good recipe to try.  But most importantly I found this incredible recipe for Blueberry Jam! It is MOORISH on some good quality sough dough or Alpine Bread (bread made out of nuts and seeds available from Coles and looks like this). Life-changing. 

  • 3 – Salmon and Sardines

Salmon is best simple in my opinion. I like it steamed or pan-fried in olive oil. Squeeze some lemon on top. You have yourself a Michelin star meal. I am in heaven. Here is a simple recipe. Occasionally I branch out. Some recipes I have tried and loved are Tandoori salmon.  Also have LOVED this for catering, mini corn fritters with smoked salmon.

But no matter how delicious the above are, I always come back to the simple pan-fried Salmon. Spread with avocado (see below) and served with some pan-fried broccoli or asparagus. A M A Z I N G. Can’t Beat it. 

Sardines are an acquired taste but I love them. Greenie eats his on toast or with crackers. I like to add a little thinly sliced tomato and red onion and a little tomato sauce. Sardines are great on a big leafy green salad with heaps of avocado. Chuck some feta in there and seriously… YUM.  Truly it’s one of the most moorish meals and so good for you. Make sure you get the sardines which are preserved in good olive oil. 

  • 4 – Leafy Green Vegetables

I put rocket in all my salads. I stir fry kale with some olive oil, lemon and salt. Or chilli and garlic. See here for an easy recipe.  Steamed Bok Choy is our favourite. You can cram SO much spinach into a Moorish curry. Oh wow, this is a winner (I used good quality butter or olive oil instead of ghee but use what you like). 

  • 5 – Avocado 

I eat an avocado a day. I even Hide them from Greenie as I want to eat it all myself. I have it at most meals. Avocado and eggs, avocado on all my salads, avocado with toast, Avocado with vegemite and crackers, avocado with vegemite on its own (I know weird but I like it). With all my salmon, and chicken. It goes with everything. I like it plain but occasionally I branch out. But here are some other recipes I make it with. Avocado Salsa. Avocado Dip (smear that onto a piece of fish). And for something new, baked Avocado and egg. This was absolutely moorish. Felt weird to eat hot avocado but I liked the change.  

Focusing on these five foods and how we can incorporate them daily into our diet was our small change to increasing our brain health for the week we are loving it! 

Care to join us? Your brain will thank you. What small change will you make today? 

Inch by Inch is Synch – Yard by Yard is Hard

You are deeply loved and richly cherished. 


The broccoli and cauliflower bake was moorish but after all that cheese Greenie SNORED. Oh boy. He thinks it was worth it. I don’t! I will sub in nutritional yeast next time. Goodness me Greenie boy. You and dairy are Not meant to mix.

P.S Have you read, Four Compelling reasons to stop eating processed sugar.

I need to read this again… I have to admit, gosh this article is a good reminder!

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