Stop Restricting – Put An End To Your Diet Today!

Following on from my previous Vblog and article about the impact of what we eat on our mental health, I want to introduce you to an important concept.

Crowding Out! 

In my passionate writing to illustrate the importance of nutrition and what we eat, one thing I don’t want any of you to adopt is the mindset of restriction. Moreover, I do NOT want you to think that you have to commence a ‘diet’ in order to improve your mental or physical health.

Instead I want you to focus on all the things that you can eat that will nourish your body and your mind.

Here is what you can feast on till your hearts content. 

Nourish your body and mind with all the vegetables you can think of! 

You can freely eat vegetables. The more the merrier. Fill up on them. The brighter and more colourful it is the better it will be. Search for recipes which you can learn so you can keep it versatile. Choose recipes that are tasty and fresh and will train your tastebuds to cry for more. 

Try and shop seasonally. It will be cheaper and fresher. For example broccoli at the moment is less than three dollars a kg. Load up, people! Cauliflower is not much more. Think cauliflower rice packed with flavour (recipe below). Don’t be afraid to eat roots like sweet potato or roasted beetroot. And even some white potato now and then is fine as well. Just not fried in toxic oil. 

Snack on fruit 

Enjoy crisp apples for snacks, or a bunch of grapes, or exotic fruits like custard apples and persimmons. Gosh, it is great. You can cut up a big container of fruit and have a little every morning for breakfast. Perfect with a bit of coyo yoghurt or some natural Joyner yoghurt if you can handle dairy. 

Fill up on protein

Enjoy servings of salmon, tinned or fresh. Pan fry it with olive oil and drizzle extra on top. Incredible with a squeeze of lemon. This is full of omega-three oils which is perfect for brain function. Stir fry some chicken with a little soya sauce and oyster sauce… Or panfry some lean kangaroo. It is moorish with some roasted beetroot.

Eat Good Fats

Do NOT be afraid to eat fats. Good fats will keep you full, keep your metabolism working and will keep your mind alert. Put Avocado on EVERYTHING. Have it on your wholegrain toast, load it all through your salads, top your eggs and salmon with it. Eat a hand full of nuts a day. Any kind is good. We LOVE macadamia nuts and cashews. Don’t be afraid of peanut butter, just chose the type without all the additives of sugar and preservatives. You can even make your own! And for a treat? Some good quality dark chocolate. Mark and I get ours from the Noosa Chocolate Factory. YUM! 

Choose healthy whole Grains

Think quinoa, or black rice, or bread made of nuts and seeds (alpine bread). The amount you eat will depend on how active you are. 

Now, if you are eating loads of fresh vegetables, fruit for snacks, cutting up vegetables with lots of healthy hommus, filling up with healthy whole grains, and enjoying plenty of good fats and feasting on with quality protein, you will not have much room for anything else. 

I promise.

And if you do still feel like it after all that beautiful food above? Then go for it. Have a treat. It is NOT the end of the world. Just don’t feel guilty when you do. 

So beloveds. Your job for this week is to Crowd Out.

Load your plate with vegetables, good proteins, healthy fats and yummy wholegrains. Experiment with healthy recipes. Shop seasonally. Snack on good fats and fruits. Treat yourself to dark chocolate. Don’t restrict yourself. 

And you will find before long, that your body will start to crave these foods as you give it what it needs. Your body will sing. Your mind will hum. Your moods will balance out. And you will feel stronger and more alert. 

Here are some recipes 

I want each of you to pick two and post it in the comments about what you are going to aim to try this week.

Let’s all grow and learn together.

For we are a movement of people who are motivated to Own Our Health and Eat Well.

Recipes to Try:

Cauliflower Rice. I used one head of cauliflower and one head of broccoli for this recipe. Also, Make sure you use olive oil NOT vegetable oil. 

Easy But incredibly Delicious Stir-fry Chicken. This is moorish. Swap the white rice for brown/black rice or quinoa or Cauliflower rice.  

Easy Salmon Salad and other recipes.  

Kangaroo with Roasted beetroot, carrot and Walnut. (I am telling you right now. This one is. A winner).  

An addictive broccoli Salad. (we use Goat’s cheese due to Greenie’s snoring.)

A Bright Quinoa Salad.

Epic Roasted Vegetable and Quinoa Salad. (Don’t be afraid to use more olive oil as it helps to soak up the good fat-soluble vitamins). 

Chocolate Avocado Pie. I am not joking. This is creamy and chocolatey and DELICIOUS  

Trail Mix Granola Bars.

Comforting Fish Curry – Serve with brown/ black rice or cauliflower rice. 

Cauliflower Pizza. This is exactly what the blog site says it is… Damn delicious. 

Soba Noodle salad. Yep, this is worth every minute of prep. It is simply delicious. 

There you go. My personal fave is the kangaroo. I like the strong taste. Medium rare. And FULL of iron and lean protein. Oh and the broccoli salad. 

You are deeply loved and Richly Cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health

Think Well, Eat well, Live Well


Greenie LOVES Kangaroo so much. So I make it for him. In fact, He loves it so much that he even drooled into his bowl this week while eating it. So gross but true. What a cutie. I think he is hungrier as he has started doing cross fit. Every day I hear the tale of how he has pretty much survived concentration camp… My inside thoughts? “Calm down boy, you had an hour of exercise. You do not deserve the noble prize.” 

My out loud words, as I want him to continue and get super fit, “Wow that sounds so hectic! I am sure I would never make it through. How intense. I can already see the difference in your chest. Like overnight!”


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