Marriage – God’s Greatest Idea!

Statistics on divorce prove that being a Christian alone, is not a guaranteed formula for a healthy marriage. A vibrant, growing marriage does not happen by accident. 

Is there ground to be taken in intimacy, joy and deep friendship with your spouse? 

Is your marriage suffering because of the distractions of life?

Are you seeking wisdom as you prepare for marriage and desire to begin well?

Have you felt like you are the only one?

In ‘7 Thoughts on Marriage’, Christine Greenwood explores seven of the most
important lessons she has learned in her last decade of marriage. These are the seven things she wished she knew before she tied the knot.

With challenging transparency into her own marriage, Christine shares from the joy, pain and intimacy of her story, and brings insight from a carefully selected panel of contributors from all ages and stages. You will laugh out loud, be moved to tears and find courage to take your marriage to a deeper place. 

‘7 Thoughts on Marriage’ will empower you with practical ways to increase the intimacy, friendship and joy in your marriage. Moreover it gives you permission to bear your heart to others and start a deeper conversation around marriage with those close to you. 

Build your marriage into the one a romantic God had in mind when He created it.