Dr Christine Greenwood

Dr Christine Greenwood is a medical Doctor, public speaker, author, health consultant and business owner. She is passionate about helping people live whole, significant lives, full of fun and friendship.


With a love for health and fitness and a decade of experience in the medical profession, Christine also works as a private health consultant, seeing lives changed and sustained with holistic living.


Dr Christine has published two books, with a third full length book on the way.


Christine’s writing centres on four things:

  • Relationships
  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Fun

Offering refreshing, hilarious, yet deep perspectives of many areas of life, her writing is empowering people to be excellent in the places God has placed them. Her passion for writing, health and business, coupled with her bold love for Jesus, is bringing abundant life and hope to many.


Dr Christine and her husband Mark, live in Brisbane, Australia.


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