My Life as a Preacher’s Wife

Once upon a time there was a short brown girl. She was married to a man who was destined to change the world. She knew it. He knew it. Every prophet who got within a 10-mile radius of Him knew it too.

My life as a preacher’s wife’ offers refreshingly honest insight into Christine’s life, as she navigates being married to her ‘preacher’ husband, Mark Greenwood. The transparency of her own inner world and experience, as well as the practical wisdom she shares, will bring sighs of relief, laughter, tears and encouragement, to leaders and readers everywhere.

Christine addresses topics like:

  • Comparison
  • Pressure and obligation
  • Fear of man
  • Diversity
  • Boundaries
  • Fighting for fun
  • Marriage
  • Home life
  • Speaking life and much more…

This book will inspire you to have grace for yourself in your own difficult and diverse situations, whilst offering tools to help create balance and fun in our own lives.

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