8 Week Re-start



You were designed to reign in life

Are you living fully alive? Are you living out your purpose in life with clarity and vigour? Are you flourishing in your health, relationships, work, and spiritual life?

To reign in life means to develop a healthy life culture, finding the rhythms that endure through every season of life. One main factor to reigning in life is by gaining control of your health, adopting habits to ‘restarting’ your lifestyle. This will not only transform your health and weight but will also have a flow-on affect into every area of your life.



  • Has all your energy and focus been about ‘reigning’ in one area of life, for example, “you’re killing it” in your career but your health has suffered as a consequence?
  • Have you constantly put others first, such as your family and friends, before taking care of yourself?
  • Have you tried, for years, to get your weight “under control” but as soon as life gets busy again, you find yourself back to where you started?
  • Have you ever seen a diet or exercise plan and thought “That will never work for me because of…” how much you travel, the kind of work that you do, the pace of life that you live?
  • Do you have unique dietary requirements and a challenging work schedule that makes it feel difficult to sustain any healthy eating habits and now you find, later in life, that it’s catching up with you?
  • Are you conscious of the need to make changes in your health, but conflicting and rapidly changing information around diet and exercise causes confusion, making you fall prey to procrastination?


8 Week Re-start


Introducing the Personal Re-start Plan with Dr Christine Greenwood


During this 8-Week Course, Dr Christine Greenwood will work closely with you to create and implement a personalised health plan, tailored to meet your specific diet, weight, exercise, and lifestyle goals.

Why do this plan, as opposed to reading a diet book or following a generic online program? You will experience personal, one-on-one support each week, where Dr Christine will truly get “into your life”, by providing the necessary time and attention to see real, sustainable changes in your life. Dr Christine will help you with your eating and exercise plans. She will address any personal barriers that you might be facing by creating healthy habits and goals that are suitable to your lifestyle, therefore empowering you to reign in life.

Having had over 15 years’ experience working in the medical field, specifically in General Practice, Dr Christine has realised that when it comes to health and sustainable life-change, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. Dr Christine is passionate about partnering with her clients, getting to the heart of their challenges and developing strategies that will enable them to achieve sustainable changes and experience life-long health.

Through “one-on-one” consultation and cooking class(es), Dr. Christine will coach you through:

  • Setting and achieving your health goals
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Overcoming the obstacles that have previously been hindering you
  • Establishing daily routines and weekly exercise plans
  • Learning what foods to eat and which ones to avoid
  • How to plan meals that are nutritious, yet delicious, with creative food
  • Long-term lifestyle planning and annual goals


Dr Christine Greenwood has almost 15 years of experience in the medical field. She is passionate about exploring preventative health through good nutrition, self awareness, lifestyle and more. Having conducted extensive studies, as well as years of clinical experience as a qualified doctor she has found that moving closer to a Whole-Food diet and an active lifestyle is the best way to nourish your body and your mind, help you to lose weight and get off medications, prevent and reverse a vast number of diseases.


Dr Christine is ready to help you Reign In Life



(Along with the below weekly Consults, Dr Christine sends at least two emails per week with updates, check ins and encouragements.) 


Preparation prior to first visit

This is a Preparation week before your first visit with Christine, you will gather:

  • A copy of your latest blood work. Preferably in the last 6 months-1 year. This should include FBC fasting cholesterol, and TSH (if over 30).
  • A food diary. Please write down everything you have eaten for at least four days. Do not feel like you have to do anything different to your normal regime at this time. It is more helpful for me if I accurately know what you eat on a day to day basis currently.
  • Reflect about your story. What you think has held you back in the past. Different diets. Barriers in your mind. Feel free to jot down notes.
  • Reflect about key things in your life you would like to change. Reflect about key motivating factors. When we meet we will establish your goals together.


Week 1 – Foundations (2 hours in person)

During an in-depth (2 hour) session with Dr Christine, you will discuss your health history and set the foundations of your new ‘Lifestyle Plan’. This will include:

  • Analysis of blood work results and medical history
  • Health and weight goals including desired outcomes
  • Previous health barriers and diet attempts/fails
  • Food preferences and current eating habits
  • Physical assessment such as weight, height (BMI rating)
  • Setting a healthy weight goal
  • Overview principles of the plan


Week 2 – Getting real! (Allow 3-4 hours in person)

This week is all about getting practical. We will dive into the ‘CG Living – 7 Principles of food’. After a pantry audit, an information session on how to “read between the lines” of nutritional labels, a trip to the supermarket, a meal preparation tutorial, and the unveiling of your personalised menu plan, as well as development of your new exercise routine — you will begin to experience mindsets around food beginning to shift.


Week 3 – Phone Consultation #1

Dr Christine will provide you with ongoing support for your new plan. This is an opportunity to ask any questions, adjustments, and developments that will keep you on track.


Week 4 – Life Planning Workshop (2-3 hours in person)

Together, with Dr Christine, you will be creating a menu plan for the coming weeks ahead. This week will also include a cooking class and meal preparation session. This week we will also conduct a life planning workshop!


Week 5 – Phone Consultation #2

This week you will be discussing with Dr Christine menu plans, exercises, barriers and successes, as well as feedback and reinforcement for the ‘Life Planning Workshop’.


Week 6 – Nutrition 101 Workshop (1-2 hours in person)

After the regular menu update, in working with proven methods, Dr Christine will conduct a ‘Nutrition 101’ Workshop with you.


Week 7 – Phone Consultation #3

This is your weekly check-in with Dr Christine where you will discuss menu plans, Goals, Nutrition, exercises, barriers, successes, and prepare for the final week.


Week 8 – Summarise and celebrate (2-3 hours in person)

Your final week will be a wrap-up and “what’s next” session:

  1. Review weight comparison
  2. Discuss successes
  3. Review ‘Big 3’, daily routines, and annual goals
  4. Plan exercise routines
  5. Recap principles of Food and Principles of Lifestyle
  6. Discuss self-care
  7. Capture testimonial
  8. Prepare three month plan


You have arrived!



In Person - In your Home - Join our 8 week 'Health Re-start' with Dr Christine Greenwood





Frequently Asked Questions

This 8 week program costs $2500 at full price.

Our current Start Up discount price is $1950 per person ($2200 for couples).

We invoice our clients for a deposit of $300 to confirm their booking and plan schedule with Dr Christine.

Once this deposit is received your place is confirmed. Then an invoice will be sent out for payment of the remainder of the 8 week plan, due by the third week of consults.

Due to the personal nature of our program, we currently only receive clients in Brisbane, Queensland.

However we do envision expanding our program to interstate as we grow and develop.


Dr Christine will tailor a plan to suit your eating preferences, and teach you how to cook tasty and nutritious meals, in line with your food tastes.

Absolutely not.

Whilst Christine has extensive medical history, she will not treat you medically during this program.

This program aims to compliment your existing medical structure, not replace it.


Christine has been working as a qualified Doctor for over 10 years, in a variety of fields.

You can see her current registration on AHPRA’s website using her registration number:  MED0001793900

We are currently developing an online program, to be released in the next few months, along with a Hard Copy ‘Restart’ book, for those wishing to complete Dr Christine’s program online.

In the mean time we are only taking clients in Brisbane.